Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 2 - Scary!

Today we went to look at houses with my parents and when we were gone I got a scary call from the nurse saying that he had to be put on bypap again. He was on cpap which just was helping him a bit where bypap helps him breath and reminds him to do so. Well he got to the point on cpap where his oxygen was diving and they were going to put a breathing tube in but his throat was inflammed so that they weren't able to so put him in the bypap. They put him on 2 sedations as well to calm him down and an anti inflamatory medcation just in case. He's now on 32% oxygen which is kind of low but we had to up his oxygen because his saltation levels were doing bad.

Daddy came and visted so spent 3 hours hanging out with us. I had a hard time with the news we were given because my hopes was he'd be on room air today but with the chest cold, croup and a viral thing going on it's just hitting him really hard and looks like we might be in till Monday/Tuesday:( My poor little boy. Here are some pictures

Here is dad sleeping because Justin wore him out
Austin looking at his papa when he was upset:( He just wants his mask off and to be held of course!

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