Monday, May 7, 2012

A smile is worth a million words

So the Friday after my baptism Astrid had came over to the house just to get to know me and also welcome me to the ward. I did not know that today was a miracle day as well. Since I have been in the church I have noticed so many different things happening. I am not saying that life is going to be easy now because it's not but there are so many blessings that I have received since I have joined the church and this one is the most important one of them all.On Friday April 27th 2012 Austin smiled for the first time when he was awake!

Here are Austin's beautiful smiles! He has lighten up my day so much since he started to smile. I think that Heavenly Father has truly blessed me with this. Some people might think it was just him being delayed but there were so many doctors who said he would never be able to do a lot of these things and by doing this he's proving them wrong. That they are not god. That even though they know a lot and got a good education. So here I am today saying that Heavenly Father is truly amazing. I devote my life and my families lives to him.

My baptism

So as most of you guys know I had decided to convert to the Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-day Saints and had made this commitment for a while after I found out that the church was true. I know a lot of people do not know much about the mormon church and believe we believe in multiple marriages, which is NOT true. To the church the one thing most sacred is marriage and even though it had been practice so many years ago they had decided to stop the practice.

I remember trying to leave the hospital when Austin was there and trying to make it. I had to stop by home and grab some clothes and than had to head to dublin. If you are from Ohio and know to go from Children's to Worthington area and than to dublin is a bit of a commute. On my way my tower blew! I was so upset and I was grateful that I had multiple pairs of clothes that day. For some reason I knew I had to pack extra clothes. (Perhaps a sign). There was so many things that stood in my way since I had made this choice. I know the day of Austin's scope was my interview date and since we went in and he was in the hospital we were unable to do it. So since we were going to be in another day the Elder's came to me. They were so committed to me as I was to Heavenly Father. I wanted nothing more to be able to be baptized. Than on Saturday, running late and making sure I got there on time.

I got there at the same time as Amy and Brian did and got to go and get changed. I truly got to be there and feel the spirit as I was there. Than Elder Hepworth baptized me. I remember that I kept saying 'Don't let me drown' I was scared to go into the water. I don't know why I was scared. I was so excited to get baptized do not get em wrong but for some reason I was nervous at the same time. But as soon as I was baptized I felt how this wonderful surge. It was so powerful! So welcoming. My sins were washed away that very moment and I knew that the steps I had made were perfect. I had felt so happy and at peace. I wanted to share my story with everyone around me.

I had truly found the church that was true. I believed every word of it. It made sense to me and there was nothing I could do to feel more right at home than where I was. I was surrounded by some amazing people! My friends who had been there through such like the Beth's and Nick. Than my new friends who were members of the church who were there for me. I can't believe how honored I am to have thse amazing people in my life.

This is me before I went underwater. In the white is Elder Hepworth who baptized me and than Elder Mack who has also done so much for me. Both of these guys are amazing men and can't see what amazing things that Heavenly Father has planned for them. They will truly change the lives of many.