Monday, May 7, 2012

A smile is worth a million words

So the Friday after my baptism Astrid had came over to the house just to get to know me and also welcome me to the ward. I did not know that today was a miracle day as well. Since I have been in the church I have noticed so many different things happening. I am not saying that life is going to be easy now because it's not but there are so many blessings that I have received since I have joined the church and this one is the most important one of them all.On Friday April 27th 2012 Austin smiled for the first time when he was awake!

Here are Austin's beautiful smiles! He has lighten up my day so much since he started to smile. I think that Heavenly Father has truly blessed me with this. Some people might think it was just him being delayed but there were so many doctors who said he would never be able to do a lot of these things and by doing this he's proving them wrong. That they are not god. That even though they know a lot and got a good education. So here I am today saying that Heavenly Father is truly amazing. I devote my life and my families lives to him.

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