Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 2 - Scary!

Today we went to look at houses with my parents and when we were gone I got a scary call from the nurse saying that he had to be put on bypap again. He was on cpap which just was helping him a bit where bypap helps him breath and reminds him to do so. Well he got to the point on cpap where his oxygen was diving and they were going to put a breathing tube in but his throat was inflammed so that they weren't able to so put him in the bypap. They put him on 2 sedations as well to calm him down and an anti inflamatory medcation just in case. He's now on 32% oxygen which is kind of low but we had to up his oxygen because his saltation levels were doing bad.

Daddy came and visted so spent 3 hours hanging out with us. I had a hard time with the news we were given because my hopes was he'd be on room air today but with the chest cold, croup and a viral thing going on it's just hitting him really hard and looks like we might be in till Monday/Tuesday:( My poor little boy. Here are some pictures

Here is dad sleeping because Justin wore him out
Austin looking at his papa when he was upset:( He just wants his mask off and to be held of course!

Friday, September 28, 2012

365 days of blogging - Day 1

I've made a committment to try to update my blog once a day and I know there are going to be days that are harder than others to update. But this is something that I want to do because I know there are a lot of people even though they do not subscribe to the blog they actually follow it. Also this helps me kind of follow as well. Most will have pictures but not all of course.

We are in the PICU right now. Some story we came in about 5:30 pm yesterday night because he hadn't pooped in 6 days so we decided it was time since he was cranky for me and in a lot of discomfort even during PT with Amanda. So we went and they checked his pulse ox (checking his oxygen levels) and he was at 95% which is low. He has a chest cold but we did not see any pneumonia in his lungs but there is a chance now that he has aspirated from the amount of throwing up he's been doing. So we got admitted to regular ped's and we had a lot of issues into the night. We did a lot of breathing treatments (two different kinds) and pounded on his chest to break up the extra stuff. Eventually his oxygen level went down to 84% which is very very low for him and they had to put him on oxygen. After having troubles even on regular oxygen (they had it up pretty high) they called a code so PICU came and they said they needed him on positive air mask and put him on bpap/cpap. So here we are now we are going to be here to at least Sunday (hoping no longer than Sunday!) Alex took the day off and dad took a half day to take care of Justin. Justin firstly was at my mother in law's house. My brother in law was diagnosised with syringomyelria which means his spine is pulling on his brain which might cause him to be in a wheel chair eventually and need care. Looks like Austin MAY have a room mate when he's older. Austin's breathing is doing better but he's still struggling a lot and I think we will be in till Sunday. Here's some pictures.

First picture is half of his machines the other machine picture won't show up. Second picture is doaderm on his face to protect his skin since the mask has to be tight sometimes causes marks on his face. They don't want his skin to break down and the third one is his new mask. It's the third mask we tried for him. This is his first day in the PICU but he's been here since 5:30pm.