Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So as I was thinking about this post and sitting here typing I tend re-write something about a 100 times before I'm purely satisfied about what I had written. In these days I have people tell me all the time that they think that I do amazing from the updates that I put up on Facebook and how much they enjoyed reading them. Whether it be family, friends, people from Cafemom or church I'm glad I am able to share my families life with you guys.

I'm just a mom who is trying to do what is best for my family, isn't that what you are doing as well? All we do in life is making sure that we do what is best for our family and just make sure they are happy. As a mother and a wife I do this, every single day, and some days are harder than others. I'll admit with the average of 3 hours of sleep I get a night is hard to take. 6 days a week this is about my average and I know I need help. I'll be the first to admit that there is somethings I cannot do on my own. I've done my part to try to get our case for a nurse going but it seems like there are some more issues going on that I may realize. 

I know things are ran by the government and our insurance companies but there is only so much things one person can handle. This month is our busy month, with 14 appointments, 4 medicine pick ups, 1 formula pick up and 3 home visits. It's hard to do it all and run a business. But guess what? My husband and I are doing it. 

If you would like to judge me for asking for help, than that's fine! I've had a lot of people who have never been in my place try to judge me about the need for help with Austin. The last time my husband and I were out on our own together was November 2011. It's sad, but true. We had been trying to do it every month but with how things are going and us not being able to leave Austin it's not our fault. We have family who can help us and they do help us but for us taking care of our kids are number 1. Though me being around the kids 24/7 is hard, but I get to be the one to raise them, not have someone else raise them. Not come home tired from work and not being able to play with them (not saying this is everyone). I just remember when I was working, I'd come home and  be so tired I didn't want to do anything. I'd be grumpy. 

Now I get to spend all the time I can with my kids and be the best mother, home with them, and them enjoying me while they are out of school. 2013 will change things when they BOTH go to school. I'm excited, scared, and worried about it but that is because they've been with me.  I have NEVER been away from Austin more than 8 hours and that's when I was working outside of the house for a few months before they downgraded their staff. I couldn't imagine having someone else take care of him all the time. So I know even when we have a nurse come in (my cousin) it's going to be hard for me to adjust! I do need help. But I do not want someone else to do my job for me. I have hard enough time letting my husband take over.

Perhaps it's the control freak in me. 

That is all about this ramble, now to move onto others.

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