Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our House!

We are getting a house, yes we are!

It's perfect and words cannot express how happy I am about this. We found this house in the Salem area (down the street from the school!). It is 1400 sq ft with a back yard, basement, front porch, back porch and a dining room. We move on September 1st into this house and I'm so excited about it.

We will rent it for 5 years and than we will buy it from the guy. So the money that we are putting into it goes towards the mortgage. Which is awesome so by the end it'll be a bit paid off and we can get a loan for the remaining amount of the house. I can't wait to be able to do what we want to a house and make it ours. It's 3 bedroom so when we decide to do foster care we will be able to do it. The boys will shack up together because the rooms are big enough as well. So here we are packing up again!

Thank you to those who have been so supportive.

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