Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Figuring it all out

For 3 years I have gone to many of churches and prayed hard about what I was going to do about a religion. I knew how important it was to me. I was raised in a church and thought it was awesome to go every Sunday and the activities and families that came with church. I had fun but as an adult I knew my expectations were a lot more because I knew there was something that I was looking for. A truth about god. I didn't know what religion was going to be perfect for me but I was baptisted a baptist and raised in baptist churches. I only knew 2 things growing up in those churches.

If you are bad you go to hell
If you are good you go to heaven

What a boring existance that is. If you do not believe in god when you are on this earth that means you get to go hell and burn with the devil. You have no way of repenting. Because let's face it. If you say 2 minutes before you die 'Lord Forgive me' do you think that you will be truly forgiven. Or is that what we believe because we have been told that? If you murdered people and cared less for your whole sentence you were forgiven on your death bed.

I truly believe that we were in the spirit world with god and he decided that we knew all we could know so he wanted us like him to have skin. To live in a human body so he gives us to someone and we are born. Through our lives we are on a mission to remember what we had lost. To follow Jesus Christ and find him. To follow the word of Jesus Christ. And when we die we are the same person we were before if we know the word is true or not. You do get a second chance! When you are waiting to either go to Paradise or Prison you get one more chance to hear the word of God. You get to hear how awesome he is. You get to choose your fate!

Wouldn't you rather be in paradise. I can only imagine what paradise would look like. And than eventually you will be able to go to the Colestrial Kingdom. How wonderful would it be to reunited with God? How glorious would that be to be able to be in his arms again. To be with our heaven father. I do not believe that it's all clouds and sunshine. Harps with little angel babies flying around half naked. We shall see what it has in store with us. So follow me in my quest to learn more. Not only about myself, my family, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We will speak about everything going on in my family as well. So if you would like updates on us it's where you need to be.


  1. I'm sorry you had such a terrible time with the baptist church. Our baptist church teaches the opposite. Jesus died for EVERYONE'S sins, despite if you are "good" or "bad." The acts you do does not define you as good or bad and going to heaven or hell.

    I'm glad you found something for your family that is right for you. :)

  2. I don't know who wrote this doesn't say a name for some reason?