Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I want to protect my brother..

Some words I said just to make sure someone feels better. Or sometimes it's spoken because you truly mean what you say. I sometimes will talk to someone and kind of wonder if they are saying truly what they mean. If they make a promise to their child are they going to keep it? If they are saying they are sorry for your loss. Are they truly? 

Today I decided to take a shower when my husband wasn't around which is rare for me. Normally I make sure Alex is around just in case something was to happen. But today I just needed it to wake myself up after a long hard night so I did. Austin was fine and Justin was watching a show so they were well and entertained. After I got out of the shower it was so quiet, I went into our room and look into the pack and play and this is what I find.

I asked my 3  year old what he was doing in his brother's crib he simply said "I want to protect my brother," it left me utterly speechless. He doesn't even know what the true meaning of protection is. My little boy is the big brother to a child who might get picked on in the future. People won't understand a lot of things about Austin and I hope that Justin will be able to educate them. I hope that I can protect both my children from the evils that might be out there. But than my son decided to do something else that made me say 'Aww'

What a sweet moment I was able to capture with my 2 wonderful little boys. I love moment's like this and wanted to share them with my friend, family and the people who read it. I appreciate everything you guys do for me.


  1. This made me cry! How touching!

  2. Justin is a very sweet big brother, it's quite obvious that he loves Austin so much.

  3. Thank you Chas and Nora.. I am very thankful for the boys.