Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Introducing myself a bit better

My name is Amber Doreen Eckstein. I am formally known before marrying Alex as Amber Dent. I never thought I would change my name upon getting married. I was happy with my name no matter how boring it might of sounded together. I'm the daughter of Vince and Irene who taught me some really good lessons. Sometimes I did not listen to it.. Well let me not lie because I never did listen. I heard what they said but decided that it was best for me if I did opposite. I thought I knew better than my parents vast experience on this.

These are the people who made me the person I am today. I know that I'm a hard headed daughter most of the time and I didn't make things easy to say the least but glad that they are here for me. One thing I learned from my dad is how hard working you need to be to achieve what you want. If you do your best you can do anything you want to do with the right state of mind. He came from so little and has so much these days. Not just in objects but with a great family. My mother has taught me that even though we do not get along and clash heads that she is there for me no matter what. If it wasn't for them I don't know what I would do. They are my rocks and if anything went wrong I know that they would have my back. They are awesome parents.

This is my nanny who is so important to me. When I need to talk to someone and just vent about the day she is always there to lend a ear. I don't know what I would do without her. She is so strong and I hope one day that I can be as strong as her. When she lost my grandfather she was so awesome. Not only taking care of him till the minute he passed on from this earth but how strong she was through it all. I hope I can be the caregiver she was to my grandpa. 
This is my grandpa. He is my HERO. He is no longer in this earth but I hope that one day I will be able to see him again. I pray every day that I'm doing good so that he will be proud of me. He was the strongest man I have ever met and I feel like I'm forgetting some of the things he taught me. I know he is watching over me right now and if he seen me crying he'd tell me to stop. But he meant so much to me. I might of not understood what he meant or not listen but he was an amazing grandfather. He not only took care of me but my dad/uncles/aunt. He was the father that they had been lacking for so long. He saved them and my nanny. He does not know how much it means to me what he has done in my life. 

These are my boys. Alex has been my husband for almost 2 years now. We will celebrate 2 years of marriage on May 25th 2012. We've been together for 4.5 years and it's been a challenging past years but at the end we made it through it all. I'm so grateful for him. He has brought me 2 wonderful blessings. Justin who is 3 years old. He is so bright and such a handful at times. He is constantly picking up new things and he is so amazing. I've never seen such a smart little boy. He knows his ABCs, he knows how to put together complex sentences and he's currently learning about praying. He is excited about preschool in 2013, t ball this year and he is such a good big brother. Austin is 17 months old and is our special needs child. You will see me write so much about him and our trials through it all. This up coming weeks will be so busy! 

This is me, Amber Eckstein, and I am 26 years old. I was born in Norway, Maine and because my dad was in the United States Navy we traveled a lot for the first parts of my life. I have 1 brother who is currently serving in the Navy as well. I am so proud of Stephen for always knowing what he wanted from life. He's known this for so long and I envy this. I am not much of a cooker but when I do it's simple things. I wish I was an amazing cook like my parents, especially my mom. I like to play RPG games that are text based, read the book of mormon, and take care of kids. I take care of kids which is amazing because I always wanted to be a big part of it. I go to church through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Dublin, Ohio through the Worthington Ward. I'm recently converting to the religion and am excited about what god has in store for me. I am an MOD for Cafemom in the Raising Special Needs Kids, Babies Group, Love & Marriage and also Teaching Kids Healthy Habits. I'm an Community Outreach Manager through ColumbusOHMommies.com. I like to volunteer and do different walks/runs for good causes.

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